Fidelity systems

Customers’ loyalty and satisfaction is an ideal state for every trader. The scope and level of provided services and products or attractiveness of benefits and advantages contribute to win, keep and spread your customer’s base. Knowledge of shopping behaviors and requirements of customers as well as following fidelity system data processing are the biggest contributions for correct focusing of your business intention.

U&SLUNO fidelity system manages and runs customers remuneration, it increases their satisfaction, it motivates, it strengths their loyalty and it enables effective communication across several communication channels. Targeted marketing campaigns can be then created based on information built on customers’ interaction and their preferences data and their shopping behavior (obtained from fidelity cards).

The application is independent from the central trading system as well as from systems operated in retails, e-shops and on POS. A full integration to such programs is provided by generally accepted well-tried standards. Fidelity account of customer can be found in any part of the fidelity system.

Basic function of U&SLUNO fidelity system as follows:

  • It controls rewarding of customers for their custom and it creates emotional relations to your company, products and services;
  • It defines, gains and keeps your key customers and so it affords the maximum potential reach;
  • It motivates your customers via a number of benefits attained by exchange of points obtained from purchase of your goods or services;
  • The selection of many types of fidelity cards adjusted to your business segment needs;
  • Effective administration of point accounts of your customers;
  • Transparent and any time accessible evaluation of customer’s data and transactions;
  • Setting of a number of optional parameters of customers accounts (points expiration time, transferability, setting of customer access rights scope etc.);
  • Exact evidence of fidelity points (acc. to FIFO methodology);
  • Interconnection with eventual fidelity programs of your contractual partners;
  • Effective communication with customers via spectrum of electronic communication channels (SMS, MMS, e-mail) as well as printed materials.

U&SLUNO fidelity system offers to customers and partners:

  • User-friendly environment for maximally effective results;
  • Individual approach to fidelity account (own administration and actualization of personal data, …);
  • Control of own benefits status;
  • Overview of points utilization possibilities;
  • Utilization way selection of obtained points (purchase of goods or services, gift coupon, discount utilization in case of other optional benefits).

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