Direct marketing

Our tools for direct marketing allow you to choose the right customers of fidelity system based on combination of required criteria. Customers then shall be addressed by targeted offer. Thanks to the analytic approach we can help you focusing your campaigns more accurately and thus we limit useless “spamming” of your clients that probably shall not be addressed by your offer. Such tool pushes marketing activities forward to personalized approach.

By doing so, the client is kept sensitive to your commercial offers and he is not clogged with irrelevant information. On the contrary, he shall accept positively that offers sent to him really contain only information interesting for him.

We analyze a shopping behavior of customers per time for the customers addressing. Simultaneously we look into tasks like – how commodities are they purchasing, how often are they shopping, whether their shopping frequency increases or decreases, how is their realized shopping amount in average, whether they prefer more or less expensive goods and number of others.

We analyze shopping behavior of customers within the analysis in various contexts – we proceed from single customers of fidelity system and we aggregate them according similar shopping behavior (for example similar purchase amount, shopping frequency, prices, and items) up to final analysis of shopping behavior of customers as whole, for example in light of items purchased together.

Our tools allow us to join more views of customers and their purchases for direct marketing purposes. For marketing campaign focused to the given product group, customers can be filtered, which already bought the goods and there is the hypothesis that they shall purchase the same one more time –examples are perhaps notebooks. Then we can observe that some goods are purchases together with other thanks to wider view of shopping behavior of all customers. Within fidelity system so we can predict customers that have bought only one part of the group and the second part they haven’t bought yet. Such customers can be addressed with targeted offer focused to goods that should interest them according to shopping behavior of others.

Doing so we create campaigns and we evaluate the success of such campaigns given by its conversion from the offer to realized purchase. We can obtain knowledge about effective and non-effective ways for given segment.

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