Claim systems

Summary of claims and complaints procedures is important not only due to legislative requirements but also within keep good relationships with customers. Long time or not transparent claim process can dissuade customers in so far as they could leave for your competing business. Take care of the claim area with help of claim system.

U&SLUNO claim portal enables to retailers an easy management of claims from customers’ side as well as their claims to suppliers. Thanks to the tool, any claim deadline can nevermore breach. The claim portal keeps data required by the law, by supplier or that come in useful just for information case (e.g. way of claim solving, statement by a service and trader or a description of fault management). The system without necessity of program edit can be set so that it has satisfied legislation of most European countries.

U&SLUNO claim portal can be utilized not only internally for the management and control of the claims’ processing but also externally with relation to customer (including the electronic communication concerning the course of claim through web pages, email or SMS). The tool allows an automation of suitable service according to a claimed product type or brand. So called watchdog functions is also possible to set; they are advising potential timeouts. Besides watchdogs’ outputs, the U&SLUNO claim portal also offer operational and managerial reports. Set of printed outputs according traders’ processes stands to reason.

Summary of U&SLUNO claim portal basic functions as follows:

  • Complete electronic processing of entered claims, registration of their whole life cycle from the entry to the execution including notices for the fulfillment of deadlines and running communication with claimant;
  • It internally registers and controls the course of claims including the active access of claimant through web forms;
  • It manages relations with suppliers and service sites based on set parameters;
  • It registers particular service sites and their specialization and thus it enables customer to select the site that is the most suitable for him for applying the claim;
  • It automates a connection of claims with appropriate documents of the product, including the connection with service sites, print of claim documents;
  • It maximizes data visibility, it enables the creation of summaries and reports based on given requirements including historical summaries.

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