Sales forecasts

A crystal ball could come in useful to your planning of purchases and replenishment. If you would like to know how forecast future inquiry, the solution G.O.L.D. Forecast fulfill the same task as the crystal ball.

G.O.L.G. Forecast is a complex tool for your decision support. It prognoses future inquiry and thus it optimizes a planning, a purchase and goods assortment replenishment. Thanks to it you can obtain reduction of operational and logistics costs with coincidental respect of commercial and marketing limit of single retails.

G.O.L.G. Forecast system is open, built on well-known standards and thus it is no problem to interconnect it with the existing system and a risk of dual data is eliminated. The tool enables a status identification of promotions, trends and seasonal character of departments, estimation of turnover or monitoring of targets for planned turnover reach and an easy budget forecast besides inquiry forecast.

G.O.L.D. Forecast tool ensures mainly following processes:

  • Evaluation of retails’ budgets: depending on sales history, the system creates a forecast for each retail unit or department for given week and it measures an effect of promotions;
  • Replenishment optimizing: the system evaluates data and based on them it creates optimal rules for replenishment or assortment change for period from 3 to 6 months;
  • Promotions prepare: based on given sales target, the system proposes conditions for single products promotions (one time or permanent), it calculates their impacts and further development, evaluates the inquiry for tactical period (6 weeks) and based on the evaluation it creates forecasted goods orders finish for single retails.


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