Point of sale systems

A cash desk or a tablet is the point in the retail where a final customer is supposed to meet the information system of the trader. The customer expects quick and error-free service including credit of possible discounts, fidelity points, providing of promised bonuses and of course the correct bill. It is quite sophisticated task with regards to the current traders’ biddings covering wide assortment, various types of promotions, cashiers actions and large-scale possibilities connected with fidelity programs.

In addition to expectation of final customer, cashier systems are supposed to fulfill a number of next conditions. For example, they have to be capable of work under failure of the internal data network, they are supposed to manage a connection loss with provider of card operation and they must satisfy the legislation requirements. Clients often require additional functions exceeding current standard of cash desks – for example to receive complaints, to issue advance invoices, to collect given information from a customer. Claims for cashier systems have increased in the course of time; recently only high quality solutions can prevail what are permanently developed by the huge team of specialists and what are used by high number of traders. Our cashier system is up to date application with significant advantage of transparent design and ergonomic control. A bill is displayed during the purchase in form as it shall be printed. Our solution has been well established on the market for several years, it has been developed continually for worldwide use and thus it contains a large number of functions and options. The application covers all functionalities listed below:

  • Sale
    • Sale by scan or by EAN/PLU code enter via scanner, scale-scanner or via software keyboard;
    • Sale by selection of article from online prompt displays with pictures of goods (e.g. grocery, fruits, vegetables…);
    • Sale of weighted goods – possibility of weight load from EAN code, weight enter during the purchase, …;
    • Matching the fixed packing and the good;
    • Handling with more types of payment means and currencies (cash, credit cards, vouchers, …) and possibility of payment means combination within one bill;
    • Enter of received cash with help of payment means pictures – reduce of faults opportunities during money back, quicker dispatch of a customer;
    • Sale possibility by an invoice and A4 format print;
    • Cancel of current line, previous line, whole bill (only for persons with rights to such operations);
    • Possibility of more open bills in one moment (e.g. parking of the bill and subsequent return in case that customer forgotten something).
  • Goods return:
    • Cancel of already issued document, searching according to the unique bill number;
    • Issue of credit note according to the original bill;
    • Cancel of the line of already issued bill.
  • Purchase interruption;
  • Cash balance;
  • POS terminal support (both online and offline version);
  • Cash money transfer to safe (including warning of the cash limit in POS according to the trader insurance);
  • POS discounts (broken or expired goods) – according to the customer rights;
  • Supports of promotions from back-office system of the trader.

In POS system, there is assigned the rule together with rights to each user. It is possible to switch given user to the left-handed regime for the staff comfort. Displays look for cashiers is possible to change easily according to requirements along with adding of new functions.



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