Electronic labels

Electronic shelf labels belong to progressive technologies in the retail sector. Such technology can offer a significant simplification of paper shelf labels exacting maintenance to trade companies. Maintenance of labels accuracy takes a lot of efforts so that it couldn’t be a source of complaints by customers or even a sanction from a control authorities’ side. No trader can avoid human factor faults even in case of his consistent control activities.

Electronic labels provide an agreement of prices and other data among central system, POS system and shelf labels. In addition to a price, they can display more information at the same time that are required by legislation (conversion to measure unit, currency) or by other processes of the trader (e.g. bar code for ordering from the sales area, price check etc.).

Concept of the system is based on a direct management of electronic labels by the central system. Data change of the label is realized by means of wi-fi signal that transmit new data over the whole sales area to all labels. It is possible to change data of thousands electronic labels in few minutes this way. The system significantly save the time of staff and workers can attend to other important tasks for instance help to customers.

Electronic labels themselves work on principle of electronic ink. Data displaying thus don’t need nearly any energy.

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