Back-office of retails

Tools for management of retail chain are considered as an important pillar making the retailer activities easier. Such tools are part of the Supply Chain Management. They are intended for either a realization of decisions by central or help for the retail management to control own assortment, prices, partners etc.

Back-office tools also contain applications for mobile facilities that help to realize operations with assortment or assisted purchase. Mobile facilities so become an extension of the system for retail sale management and they enable to make the same operation as directly in the retail.

An important constituent for the retail sale control is the sphere of buying orders. Our solutions makes possible to fully or partly mechanize the ordering process. The orders’ quality is increased, faults by human factor are removed and finally also turnover rise is finally achieved.

Tools of retail sale control can be applied as independent for instance as mobile application for sales assistants. The most significant contributions are, however, achieved under the complex integration and interlace with the central system; all offered possibilities and functions are completely utilized.

Retail control covers following processes:

  • Local commodities administration;
  • Local suppliers administration;
  • Administration of proper price lists;
  • Shelf prices’ control (supported by manual EAN codes scanners);
  • Input and procession of competition prices;
  • Print of shelf labels;
  • Automatic ordering and orders to suppliers;
  • Cooperation with central on promotions, answer an promotion goods withdrawal;
  • Returns to suppliers;
  • Inventories;
  • Correction of warehouse;
  • Assisted sale.


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