Automatic supply

A number of processes automation is currently practically a mandatory prerequisite of the business success. The company run can be made more effective, costs can be reduced and human factor errors can be minimized thanks to automation. The supply is one of the very important fields for business and it can be automatized too. Automatic ordering tools provide optimal replenishment of goods based on price changes, they predict future sales and they ensure the top quality of services. The popular G.O.L.D. Topase solution belongs to the best tools for supply automation.

G.O.L.D. Topase is tool for goods automatic ordering. The optimal supply process can be achieved by help of the tool as it can forecast future sales and it can elaborate intelligible answers. It results from advanced mathematical models and logistics definitions of your company during forecasts generation. Based on these forecasts it can create time schedules and it can design procedures of goods ordering from suppliers.

Summary of all important function of G.O.L.D. Topase tool for goods automatic ordering as follows:

  • Seasonality management by family or by article;
  • Retails commitments taken into account;
  • Speculation management support including constraints;
  • Comparison operating reports;
  • Goods reception planning management;
  • Generation of orders forecasts;
  • Multi-drop and multi-pick schema replenishment;
  • Sale management by product expiry date or end of life;
  • Product substitution management (temporary or final);
  • Centralized replenishment;
  • Warehouse replenishment based on sales history;
  • Orders’ automatic sectionalize among several trucks during validation;
  • Optimization and selection between the frequency orders and the full transport unit;
  • Replenishment calculation, Distribution Resources planning;
  • Automatic ABC classification;
  • Orders communication via EDI44;
  • Multi or Single-way Management of Warehouse;
  • Supplier opening hours taken into account;
  • Management of days off and holidays.

G.O.L.D. Topase is able to elaborate forecasts generated by G.O.L.D. Forecast module under connection of modules G.O.L.D. Topase and G.O.L.D. Forecast. This enables to reach additional higher accuracy of ordering. Majority of customers chooses primarily semi-automated ordering way when the system creates scheme of orders and then they are corrected by a buyer. In the course of time it however shows that a buyer has no corrections and his role is moved to negotiations of business conditions and to control of extra notifications generated by the system.


Albertsons, Auchan, Dynadro, Géant, Intermarché, Match, Monoprix, Netto, Systéme U, TESCO etc.

Since its creation, G.O.L.D. Topase solution has found its use in all branches of retail and logistics in Europe. Over the past 13 years, the Topase solution has been implemented over a great number of business organizations. Nearly 8 billion Euros of annual purchases are optimized thanks to the application software G.O.L.D. Topase.

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