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Last time, we introduced Boris Gruntorád and his archery skills, in the interview. In this magazine issue, we offer the interview with another successful athlete - Jakub Vicher. Jakub fell in love with air gun shooting and achieves excellent results in this sport. We are interviewing the multiple champion of the Slovak Republic and Czech Republic; the man who was awarded with the 3rd place at the World Championship, this year.

Jakub, how would you describe your sport - Hunter Field Target - to those who do not know what is going on?

HFT (Hunter Field Target) is a shooting outdoor activity where the shooter should hit the folding target with air gun; the target is is located at different distances from the shooting point.

Which targets are being used?

Mechanical folding targets made of sheet metal are being used. In each target there is a hole called kill zone; when you hit it, the mechanism gets released, which results in tilting of the target and thus clear indication of the hit. If any place outside the kill zone is hit, the target is not tilted and stays on.

How can I start with HFT?

For the first time, it is advisable for the particular person to come to see the race. There are about 8 clubs in the Czech Republic that run these races almost every week.

How did you get to this sport and firearm?

I have been shooting since my childhood. After the revolution, I applied for a firearm license and found out that the technology had shifted rapidly, and the air rifle could do things we did not even think of. Even when compared to a normal small-bore rifle, the air rifle shoots better and you can shoot it anywhere. Once a man starts shooting, he starts to compete as well. Thinking about it, I have been doing it professionally for about 10 years.

What do you think is the hardest thing in this sport?

It is simple. Hit the target. But now more seriously. It is a set of things that one should master and know how to estimate. If I had to mention the most important thing, it is definitely the wind and the distance. Complexity of the wind lies in the fact that the shooter cannot measure the speed with the Anemometer. The only thing he can do is throw a leaf or dust, and then guess what is the strength and where the wind is blowing. The technique of shooting is further developed by the wind. It happens that a shooter is heading out of the target. The bullet does not fly straight, but it flies over the ballistic curve. I would compare it to golf with a rifle; but unlike golf there is only one shot for a person, which is fantastic.

What do you consider to be your greatest sporting success in this area?

There are many of them. Every year I win the Slovak Championship (4 times in a row); in 2015 I won the Championship of the Czech Republic; this year I managed to capture the 3rd place at the World Championship. The interesting thing is that I got it in the shoot-off phase, because the other two contestants had the same points as I did. Then the shoot-off phase came - three folding targets were built at unknown distances. I hit all three of them; but I was not alone, because the competitor from Poland managed to do the same. Then came shooting in standing position. But even here we hit the same number of the folding targets. Eventually a sudden death had to make decision. I won that. But what makes me most delighted is the fact that I became the chairman of the Czech Airgun Field Target Association (CAFTA) and we managed to organize the World Championship this year in the Czech Republic.

Where and how do you train?

Since there are competitions almost every week, I do not practice much. The competition itself is the best practice.

What do you enjoy most about it?

That I win. It is an attractive and individual sport. A man has no competition in humans, but in himself. He knows he has 60 points ahead and it is natural that he wants to shoot all the 60 points. And I myself always have such a goal, but I have not always done it.

Thanks for the interview and we wish you a lot of successes to the next years!

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14. 1. 2019

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