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On May 20, 2019, the Regulation of the European Commission on Traceability of Tobacco Products entered into force. This regulation will have an impact on all parts of the tobacco product chain, from the manufacturer to the first retailer, e.g. the first store in the chain where a tobacco product can be bought by a regular consumer.

For manufacturers and distributors, this means that it will be necessary to build up new databases and deploy software that will be able to track tobacco products across the entire business chain. Here we are able to help you, we and our Track&Trace product.

What we can help:

  • Intake of tobacco products (store and warehouse).
  • Reloading tobacco products (processing within warehouses).
  • Distribution of group packs.
  • Pairing of RZ vehicles to parcels.
  • Information in case of error, theft, destruction, etc.
  • Inspection of export - tracking the sent and unsent data.

We will be happy to tell you how the new legislation will touch your company and what needs to be done to meet the new requirements! Do not hesitate to contact us.

13. 9. 2018

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