Warehouse Management System

If you don’t use Warehouse Management System (WMS) services within your warehouse operations, you lose a number of advantages in vain. WMS manages, controls, processes and applies all logistics operations and physical flows of goods in a warehouse. Compared to unmanaged warehouse, an implementation of WMS brings significant labor productivity increase, decrease of error rate and costs, improvement of quality and other advantages.

G.O.L.D. Stock module is high quality logistic tool of the WMS category. It is intended for retail, wholesale, logistics and distribution companies. Smooth processing and optimal performance of client orders as well as global increase of reliability throughout the warehouse is provided - from goods entry to dispatch - thanks to the G.O.L.D. Stock module.

The core of the warehouse system i.e. G.O.L.D. Stock module can be extended with a number of additional modules. For example, G.O.L.D. Radio enables to manage warehouse operations with help of radiofrequency terminals (RTF), G.O.L.D. Vocal is intended for the voice control of a warehouse. Excessive administration and necessity of a hardcopies work can be removed thanks to such solution.

Warehouse management system G.O.L.D. Stock covers following processes:

  • Goods reception, control and stock-in;
  • Goods picking;
  • Standard and urgent replenishment of picking zones;
  • Goods control and dispatch, print of labels;
  • Store management (depots, storage zones, warehouse map);
  • Monitoring of warehouse basic indicators (warehouse completion rate…) and of productivity – of reception, picking, FLT drivers etc.


WMS G.O.L.D. Stock system is used by broad-spectrum of clients from small ones with only one warehouse sized 2-3 thousands sq. m. up to huge corporations with many distribution centers (Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Migros, Mercator, LeClerc, Smart & Final etc.). In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we have implemented G.O.L.D. Stock/Radio beyond the great warehouses of Ahold and Tesco, also into middle sized warehouses for example for Datart, DLC, Drogerie 101 or UTC.

Warehouse system G.O.L.D. Stock is worldwide successfully operated in more than 600 warehouses what represents the store area with size 3.5 mls. sq.m. Such implementations refers to retail/wholesale firms and logistic companies nearly without exceptions.

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