Management information system for warehouse

It is difficult to get complete, correct and exact indicators of the warehouse efficiency for management of modern companies using different information systems and applications. The solution is an implementation of an independent executive system mastering the data collection from several sources and the data processing according to real needs of users.

Management information system for warehouse MIS Stock is able to compile, process, analyze and visualize structured data. The solution offers a set of necessary reports providing all-round summary of the status and efficiency of the warehouse. Output reports supply you information of the serviceability as well as current and history status in three basic operation zones: inventory, sales/expeditions and service level (of suppliers, of store on retails or clients in case of wholesale). A goal of such reports is to provide relevant background data to the company management for effective deciding based on correct and current data.

MIS Stock solution covers by its reports following fields:

1. Stock

  • Stock positions status (number of free/full/blocked positions);
  • Stock level (current stock, stock trend in time, dead-stock, stock turnover…);
  • Stock detailed status (number of pallets, number of picking units, quantities, weights etc.)

2. Sales

  • Delivery notes (Brutto/Netto price, …),
  • Sales,
  • Dispatch.

3. Service level

  • Service level of suppliers – reports monitoring status of orders, comparing of orders and real reception (whether suppliers deliver promised goods in promised time);
  • Service level of warehouse compared to retails – whether the warehouse performs orders by retails;
  • Service level of clients (wholesale) – status of expeditions from the warehouse compared to clients, whether clients accept goods ordered in the official order.

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