Voice managed warehouse

Voice technology in warehouse?

Warehouse operations management by means of voice brings additional work efficiency increase above the common level provided by radiofrequency terminals. In principle it is an interface between human and warehouse management system. This interface changes instructions given by the system into the human voice and vice versa – verbal statements given by a warehouse operator are transformed into the digital version. The voice direction brings besides efficiency increase also occupational safety and comfort improvement as it unblocks both hands of the operator for manipulation with goods and the warehouse operator does not need to manipulate with terminal all the time. G.O.L.D. software family contains among others the extension of managed warehouse with voice technology in form of G.O.L.D. Vocal module.

G.O.L.D Vocal is a powerful application for the management of warehouse operations by means of the technology of voice recognition and thus it increases the productivity of the warehouse and the warehouse processes quality. It enables easy and efficient communication of warehouse operators with the warehouse system.

Each worker is equipped by a portable equipment (voice terminal, PDA), which compensates the traditional devices of warehouse operators (paper, scanner, …).

By its functionality it covers the following warehouse operations:

  • Picking preparation,
  • Splitting preparation, (cross-docking, distribution),
  • Picking inventory (cyclic and annual),
  • Reception of goods.

G.O.L.D. Vocal implementation brings mainly following benefits:

  • Decrease of order preparation error rate compared to unmanaged warehouse:
    • before: 0 – 15 errors/shift/operator
    • after: 0 – 1,5 errors/shift/operator;
  • Labor productivity increase with 5% to 20% for standard preparation and with 30% to 40% for preparation with requirements for traceability of specific parameters (variable weight, production lot / batch number, expiration date, …);
  • Optimization of Inventory and of picking locations replenishment during the preparation process;
  • Elimination of administrative tasks and paper work;
  • Control and review of stock in real time;
  • Ability to perform same operations by means of both the radiofrequency terminals and voice environment;
  • Easy parameter setting for a simple and rapid implementation;
  • Modification based on specific customer needs;
  • Quick training of new workers and facility preparation for a new operator;
  • Warehouse operator voice change (for example due to illness) doesn’t to make any difference to the system, operator can use any language;
  • The system is open – direct connection of voice and PDA terminals with any other warehouse system;
  • Custom return of the investment is less than 12 months.

G.O.L.D. Vocal implementation in Distribution and logistics center DLC Napajedla has been prestigiously awarded as IT Project of the year.

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