Traceability of goods

A number of sectors have need of a particular commodity tracing for various reasons (usually legislation or business requirements). For example alcoholic beverages, meat products or chemical commodities are concerned. G.O.L.D. Track module of the G.O.L.D. Software family is intended to such traceability of particular commodities in a logistics network.

G.O.L.D. Track helps to ensure the traceability of the goods moving through the entire logistics network, from production sites via warehouses to goods delivery to a customer. It offers a perfect overview of past, in-progress and future movement of goods, input and output traceability, immediate reaction to risks (alerts), a measurement of services’ quality throughout the logistics chain, it enables to eliminate discrepancies.

G.O.L.D. Track functionality meets the different needs and requirements of the industry and distribution sectors:

The module provides as follows:

  • Product traceability;
  • Identification of objects sets (pallet, cartons…) based on a unique number SSCC (serial transport code). Each object is defined by such code. It can localize such objects in the logistics network of the company.

The module covers following processes:

  • Traceability of inbound as well as outbound operations with goods;
  • Traceability control in the packaging transformations;
  • Accuracy level management during traceability of goods (with regard to the type of object, key process indicators and the goods location within the logistics network);
  • Management of various restraints of goods flow risen from geographical spreading of the production, storage and sales sites, eventually from heterogeneity and specificity of entire flow of goods;
  • Need for immediate reaction and solution options in case of any detected deviation.

The general functionality is focused to three processes: data collection, data storage and data retrieval. The G.O.L.D. Event module linked to G.O.L.D. Track enables to detect risen discrepancies and to distribute proactively alerts to found discrepancies.

The G.O.L.D. Track architecture is built on the following strong pillars:

  • The client workstation uses an Internet browser supporting JAVA;
  • Access is protected, information are available via both Intranet and Extranet and they can be Internet available;
  • Data flow exchange proceeds through XML messages.


Coop de Normandie-Picardie, Delhaize Le Lion, Grand Marnier, Lactalis, Leclerc, Match, Systéme U, United Supermarkets etc.

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