Assortment layout at the sales area

The first step of retails design should be an allocation of particular assortment groups to sales shelves. Such activity is possible to be elaborated by feelings and square paper or by help of a tool intended to it and based on analyses salability of particular assortment groups.

Sale assortment distribution on the sales area is enabled and optimized by the tool Macro Space Planning. CAD drawings of retails are the background (if they are not available, it is possible to create the retail layout directly in the application). Shelves are inserted to the CAD drawing from elements library or created individually). Then are assigned as follows: a category and sub-category of assortment, planograms and corresponding sales numbers (sale pieces, turnover, margin etc.).

Efficiency of particular assortment groups can be analyzed in relation to the area they are filling. Utilization of retail can be analyzed, compared and simulated in the split second with regard to assortment distribution at various places in the retail as well as yield of particular shelves, hot-spots identifications, simulation of what-if scenarios, confrontation of retails etc.

Macro Space Planning is very strong tool for retail’s detailed analysis with regard to assortment distribution on sales area and space utilization. The tool provides analytical numbers, graphs as well as retails rendering in 2D and 3D views. It enables and significantly saves labor of retails designers and it supports cooperation among them and merchandise department responsible for planograms elaboration. So impact of various space allocations to particular categories can be modeled, layouts can be designed in advance for the season change or single versions and variants of particular retails can be managed.

Such tool is used by a number of business companies, for example Dixons, Mercator, Walgreen or Midlands Coop.

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