Design of goods exhibition

Analytic tools are again possible to involve on micro level of planning when products positioning into shelves is solved. Analytic tools significantly simplify formation of merchandising concepts and they mainly furnish information necessary for generation of planograms adapted to actual sales. A decision tree thus can be elaborated and respected as well as capacity of goods exhibition, profit from one product sale or gross margin from whole volume of sale etc.

Quality of planograms differs from such support. Planograms connected with a user experience and with keeping of merchandising rules for goods positioning and exhibition complete previous steps ensuring selection and optimizing of assortment and goods position at the sales area. They afford a confidence of offering proper products at proper positions to their customers.

A design and an optimizing of goods exhibition is covered by the Space Planning tool (former Apollo Professional Suite). Its actual release 15 offers wide possibilities of optimal planograms generation on level of particular retails. Extensive and efficient database part is hidden behind graphic part enabling wide spectrum of views from 3D views with products pictures via commodities highlighting according to defined rules up to simplified blind 2D view or only list of products. The database allows detail analyses of product according to required KPI (turnover, margin, warehouse stock, time of stock meeting etc.). Such analysis should be part of articles positioning in planograms and the Space Planning provides tools for the analysis automation.

An additional tool Space Automation helps with such analyses realization and with application of their results on tens or hundreds of retails without increased man-hours of the user. Not only exhibition of particular commodities but also the assortment composition (e.g. local brands or eliminated given commodities) can correspond with actual demand of the particular retail.

Space Planning and Space Automation tools are used by a number of retail companies, for example Delhaize, COOP, Dixons, Edeka, Fozzy Group, and even by manufacturers like Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Colgate, Osram, Danone, Ferrero, Henkel, Kraft and many others.

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