Project management

U&SLUNO Company pays a great attention to way of its project management targeted to guarantee his clients the agreed product delivery in appropriate quality at the agreed expense in awaited term. Consistent application of project methodology is the main mean for these targets achievement. The methodology determines all terms and processes of the project.

Our project management experts are well experienced in management of implementation, development and consultancy projects in the field of retail, logistics and distribution. Beyond management of our own project, we are experienced also as external project managers representing the interests of our clients during the supply realization by other supplier.

Our methodology of the project management draws from the international standard PRINCE2 that has been adjusted to our clients’ segment specifics. The methodology is based on five concurring phases and it is not possible to go on following phase without finishing the previous one. Transitions between single phases require some formal criteria meet. Criteria ensure the project continuity and mutual control of works performed with the correct scope and quality.

Basic phases of the project are as follows:

  1. Project setup
  2. Analysis and design
  3. Realization
  4. Arrangements for production operation
  5. Support of production operation

We call regular meetings of representatives of a client and supplier on several levels – management committee, project management and consultations of project teams. Each level has defined its powers and responsibilities. Information sharing and questions escalation proceed between levels and their solution exceeds given levels of the project management.

We make a project evaluation after its termination. Parts of the evaluation are open entitle of appropriate problems risen during project and the plan of future measures. Such step belongs to the continual improvement of our project services.

Beyond a standard project management, we are experienced in management assuming of project in unfavorable status, so called crisis management. Our goal is then to design and implement steps leading to the project stabilization and to manage project to happy conclusion.

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