Process analyses

Each company has set for its operation a number of processes. If they are set wrongly, several fields can be affected – lowered performance of the firm, staff employees overload by their compulsory labor etc. The real origin of the problem can be exposed only by detailed analysis of referred processes. Process analysis is also a suitable primary step for planned setting of the new information system.

Our offer of process analyses covers a wide spectrum of spheres – from analyses of warehouse processes and processes covered a retail company central to study preceding an implementation of the new information system. The analysis performed properly can recommend you how to optimize processes, it can design key indicators of effectiveness evaluation and it can describe an awaited gains together with assumed recovery of investment resulted from the recommended changes implementation.

Thanks to the analysis you can identify points with a collision risk between your processes and new system before an implementation of various systems.

In general, process analyses have a standard course consisting of three main steps. The first step is the project preparation; analysis requirements are defined together with the customer. After the definition, the analysis is realized. The analysis describes current “As-Is” status of given processes. Such analysis consists not only from theoretical part (discussions with responsible staff and key-users, research of current process settings described by methodology etc.) but also from physical verification of processes in practice. In the phase, we are focused mainly on examination whether theoretically described processes are respected also in practice. The output of the part is the document defining real current state of processes.

Based on the current state definition and the company requirements, the recommendations for processes optimizing are defined – so called “To-Be” state – together with awaited benefits and assumed recovery of investment resulted from the recommended changes implementation. Points of potential collisions between actual processes and new system are detailed during the study preceding an implementation elaboration. A transformation plan is part of the outputs. The plan contains the series of steps leading from the current As-Is state to designed future To-Be state.


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