Management of supply chain and logistics

Each trade or distribution company has as pivotal the management of its processes connected with goods flow and logistics. A serenity of business critical processes are indicators of company advanced management and a competitive advantage for sure too. On the contrary a stagnate processes, non standard and decentralized management connected with bottlenecks represented by irretrievable workers with huge volume of important data in their brains, shall sooner or later be reflected in productivity drop, dissatisfaction of clients and finally of management and ordinary staff.

Solutions offered by our company are characterized by their emphasis on the central management of the company. Precautions given by the headquarters are subsequently transmitted via warehouses, distribution centers, retails up to the front-office level represented by POS, terminals, weights and other facilities. The general central property is common for all three solution families offered by our company, as follows:

  • G.O.L.D. family and tools of Category management;
  • Our natural business information system Obis;
  • Family Oracle Retail Application.

The core of each solution is the central system, which is further extended by other modules according to customer needs. The central system is a high-efficient tool providing a management of all key processes in supplier-customer relations and an all-round control of supply chain operation. Availability of correct data in current time (i.e. single point of true) is ensured by the control of real activities inside the chain. Correct data are prerequisite of the successful management on each level of the company and of efficient actions with the important processes run. The central system processes main data (company typology, suppliers, and assortment), it performs manual as well as automatic purchase, goods replenishment policy, pricing, promotions, logistic flows and other agenda.

Such solutions are intended for retail and wholesale companies, distribution centers, shopping alliances, logistics companies. They are suitable for food sector, DIY, electrical, pharmacy and other non-food sections. They are proper background for e-shops and B2B portals.

General processes of supply chain management are as follows:

  • Goods administration (basic data, logistics characteristics, shop data etc.);
  • Suppliers and customers administration (basic data, accounting data, suppliers addresses);
  • Administration of purchase conditions (purchase price, various types of sales, bonuses);
  • Manual and automatic ordering;
  • Pricing;
  • Stock management;
  • Wholesale functions;
  • Administration and management of supplier invoices;
  • and others.

Central systems are usually completed with extension modules described in detail in other parts of our web. Topase and Forecast modules are mainly intended.


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