Electronic interchange of documents

Electronic Data Interchange is a significant tool for making business communication more effective and for transfer documents in business contacts. EDI enables a record interchange between business partners in standardized, internationally recognized format.

Well timed, exact and correct communication in electronic form simplifies mutual cooperation and evolves business relations. It contributes to the stock flow optimization in volume as well as in speed and so that it gives a competitive advantage to its users.

Our solutions support electronic data interchange, the exact scope of EDI messages depends on customer’s wishes and requirements.

Key characteristics of electronic data interchange:

  • Messages integrity which identifies the sender, subsequent message alteration or the order of message sending;
  • An authenticity defines the sender and ensures the acceptance of message origin and its receipt;
  • System security and confidentiality protects the message from unauthorized display;
  • Setup and concept of the message transfer satisfies respective legislation and contractual agreements between the partners.

Advantages of our solution:

  • Elimination of paper documents decreases the administration costs and post charges, restrains the errors presence and time demand of operations;
  • EDI integration into current information systems significantly automates operations incidental to documents creation what implicates their correctness, timeliness and data flow upgrade. It subsequently gains further operational savings, improved logistic flows and optimization of stock level;
  • Thanks to immediate document delivery to the recipient, the answers are also proceeded in shorter time what supports operational management and decision-making;
  • The solution allows a change of business concept and business partners relations what increases flexibility and optimization of company functioning;
  • Partnerships development contributes to a realized sales volume increase.

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