Economic systems

Modern retail, wholesale and logistic companies don’t do without suitable economic system that helps them to manage company finances and properly treats the economy side of their business.

Economic system OBIS provides all economy and financial agenda of a retail company, it processes economic documents, initializes their refund, controls mutual compensation, ensures input to a tax declaration as well as general accountancy.

The solution is localized and optimized for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, so it works with two language environments and it completely agrees with relevant legislation requirements. Simultaneously, the system corresponds with high demands of current market. In case of need it thus can be technologically interconnected with other external applications.

Economic system OBIS provides following processes and offers following advantages:

  • Centralized processing of accounting operations, data import as well as charge of operations and documents from other company systems minimizes costs for financial agenda processing and make routine activities easier;
  • Integrated control mechanisms of data input and processing together with automatic data channels significantly reduce data errors;
  • Preset of payment procedures and conditions simplifies continuous control and evaluation of their fulfillment and thus it increases the payment discipline;
  • A set of analytic tools and outputs contributes to optimized cash-flow and financial investment of the company, it supports decision, planning and budgets formation;
  • Automation of data input and processing saves time and money;
  • Wide parameterization of filters for viewing and searching makes the system orientation easier;
  • Individual settings of access privileges enable the access only for persons who really need it;
  • Automatic actualizations of legislation changes provide an agreement with law and order and outputs accuracy.


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