Suppliers and bonuses

Whereas negotiations of contractual conditions regarding bonuses is in principle heeding a lot, their following realization and control of their satisfaction often drops behind. That is true mainly in case of more contracts with different rules laid down in. For that case, we developed unique tool Bonus Management for an administration of suppliers’ contracts and bonuses.

Bonus Management is based on given contractual conditions and performs effective management of random bonuses. Withal it can also control the invoice calendar and it can prepare invoicing data automatically too. More over it can give you a summary of general standard of supplier services and it is also the tool for the motivation and evaluation of buyers.

Bonus Management software works with data of trade system of retailer. It obtains basic data of products, suppliers, business structure and other key information including turnover data (stock movements) from abovementioned system. The Bonus Management application outputs are calculated values of bonuses. The software generates drafts of allowances or invoices based on these calculated bonuses and then the app sends them to the financial system.

Solution of Bonus Management provides following processes:

  • Administration of random bonuses in one place;
  • Automatic calculation of the turnover based on contracts with suppliers;
  • Complete evidence of all data involved in turnover calculation and a possibility to document all of them to suppliers (minimization of faults and disputes);
  • Automatic invoicing of bonuses;
  • Bonuses reports (reports are available in several formats and language versions);
  • Well timed background data for negotiations with suppliers;
  • Sophisticated motivation system for buyers;
  • Possibility of turnover prediction based on month for annual turnover estimation.

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