Personal Shopping in COOP Žilina

U&SLUNO in cooperation with its partners launched the implementation of the Personal Shopping (self-scanning) Project in COOP Jednota Žilina.

The project includes a comprehensive supply, implementation and integration of information technology, including hardware, into an existing information system. Consequently, COOP Jednota Žilina is now among the leading retail companies offering customers the possibility to make use of this technology. Customers will not only be able to appreciate the increased comfort but also the significant simplification of the whole shopping process. After the introduction of the self-service checkouts, this technology represents further innovation, which COOP Jednota Žilina decided to implement in cooperation with U&SLUNO.

The essence of this technological and process innovation lies in the use of portable terminals (scanners) by customers. Customers scan each product's barcode while shopping, before placing the scanned product into their shopping basket. Once the shopping is done, customers pay for their purchased goods without the need to unload them at the checkout. Customers scan their shopping as they go and can pack it straight into their bags. The scanner provides customers with an overview of purchased items and the total amount of the purchase made as the scanner tracks customers' expenditure as they shop. Working with the terminal is very easy, allowing for all the activities customers are used to when shopping, including the return or exchange of already scanned goods.

13. 2. 2017

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