Distribution paths

It is necessary to monitor a number of criteria at goods distribution via road network – from rolling stock and quantity and character of distributed goods to traffic restrictions – for single types of automobiles, temporary traffic closures etc. It is necessary to solve also optimal distribution of orders and path planning. Final output is good division on single cars and their paths allocation with respect to all criteria. Dispatchers planning manually mostly haven’t enough capacity for sophisticated optimizing of the process or even compare more variants. Optimizing of distribution paths and orders’ distribution to related cars are tackled by products from category of Transport management systems (TMS). Their main contributions are transport costs save and decrease of process demands for dispatchers.

Computer optimizing power is the most significant in case when conditions for manual path planning are adverse – paths are changing every day, distribution circles can’t be used, and orders come from more customers as fortuitous. Manual planning in this case can’t creep up an optimum even if it takes almost a day. The reason is especially a large amount of items solved by dispatcher – weight and spatial limits of cars, limits on access to a delivery point, time windows by customers and many others. Dispatcher then has neither time nor energy for cost optimizing efforts.

Computer optimizing can reduce cost with more than 10% in contrary to manual planning of paths. Use of nonperformance tool or a majority of regular deliveries (distribution circles) can reach savings in order of 4%.

TMS tool start their work by orders distribution to available cars. They take into account a number of limitations known for cars, goods and customers. The tool searches optimal distribution so that transport costs has been as low as possible for resulting paths. The system rather seeks for either the lowest costs or the shortest time. Direct costs per moved kilometer are taken into a calculation as well as other related costs as road toll and wages of driver eventually of driver’s assistant.

The result of calculation is the primary proposal of paths; however, it can be interactively adjusted by a dispatcher. In doing so, some data are actualized as distance and time and there are indicated exceeding of weight and spatial tolerances.

The system can inform customers of planned delivery after the paths solution.

The system obvious services are the output for drivers in form of plan in smart phones, navigation and processed output data from GPS monitoring.

Related item is a backhaul process, when empty cars going back from a customer or retail are for example offered to the supplier. Costs savings are reached as the supplier needn’t to dispatch any car. Such problem is solved by managed visibility of offers between a trader, transporters and suppliers. The trader publishes his moves for his suppliers and he offers them a possibility of returning car booking for his goods. The trader shall require a cost share for the car move.

The managed visibility service is obviously operated among subjects in form of a solution lease or of easy connection into the running program. It enables to reach high benefit ratio between price and gains.

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