Assortment optimization

Assortment optimization is continual process that is supposed to react according to the assortment type to market development, customers’ preferences, strategic changes and actual availability of commodities. Optimizing runs on several levels; we offer suitable tools from MCM product family (Merchandising and Category Management) by Symphony EYC Company. Such tools are able to solve only a part of assortment optimization process in form of independent modules (e.g. only assortment composition or its display on sales place) or such tools are able to cover all problem in form of integrated solution for example in transnational chains.

The assortment optimization process covers e.g. following steps:

  • Primary analysis of development in categories;
  • Analysis of market, competitive and fidelity data;
  • Selection and definition of single consumers assortment and their sales formats;
  • Definition of assortment of single retails and regional dissimilarities;
  • Optimal distribution of assortment to sales areas in retails;
  • Data collection of product layout in retails;
  • Development of optimal planograms and merchandising concepts;
  • Distribution of planograms and concepts to proper recipients in proper time;
  • Control of planograms correspondence with reality.

Common feature of all used modules is their focusing to maximal reduction of time, finance and invested customers’ energy to reach for required result. Preset work-flow of particular steps, predefined analyses, visualization and automation of final presentations elaboration and other steps significantly reduce and simplify way from data retrieve to final information. Such information is subsequently respected in final optimized assortment.

Contribution of single modules or entire enterprise solution can be utilized by FMCG producers (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), whole sale companies, retail companies, internet salesmen and other companies whose activities are based on a sale of goods.

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