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Properly set up communication between employees is very important for sellers who want to succeed in the retail market. The new WorkForce Connect technology from Zebra Technologies can effectively solve communication problems and even takes everything to a whole new level. All devices, whether smartphones or warehouse terminals, connect to one communication network with a number of extensions - not only will it enable smoother communication across the entire company, it also saves time and offers a significantly better customer experience, because you can handle all requests much faster.

In their day-to-day work, employees normally have to switch their attention between several devices in order to find information about products and their location, or to be able to collect other necessary data. These frequent changes lead to downtime, misunderstandings in solving tasks, customer frustration and, as a result, a loss of profit for your business. In this respect, Zebra WorkForce Connect offers fast and seamless interaction between work teams, managers and employees, as well as individual stores. In real time and without delay, so that nothing stands in the way of an efficient workflow. One worker can gain the power of many at the touch of a button. Top performance, which has no limits in its way.

Learn more about WorkForce Connect at retail below in the flyer.

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