Prices and promotions

Prices policy and promotion policy are one of the most difficult strategy spheres where traders can pursue differentiation from business rivals. Important decisions are adopted on the basis of incomplete or incorrect information eventually on the grounds of data deluge without sufficient value of information without relevant tool for price management and promotions control.

Our system is designated for business companies with need of price management following objective inputs across various sales channels. Such solution thus enables purposeful management of pricing according to set rules by a consolidation of all relevant information; it calculates prices from such information and prices are then distributed to all sales channels. Such system enables a trader to debug his price policy without administrative load increase.

Each commodity can be in addition inserted into any number of price lists with the different price policy (common price list, promotional price list, discount price list, partnership price list etc.) Price lists are actualized automatically; the system switches among them according to set rules what ensures that the system always will work with the correct price.

Key part of the price management is price conformity provision across the company – mainly in the central system, on point of sales and shelves. Low quality integrated systems can cause troubles with customers or authorities. Control mechanisms are part of our solution. They ensure the price conformity between POS and system prices and system warns of eventual inconsistencies. Similarly the system provides the print of the correct shelf labels – such task is fully automatic, the system prints labels without any user cooperation. Print of labels is obvious in correct format (common labels, hook labels, full-page eye-catchers etc.) and in correct quantity (for all places on sales area, where commodities are exhibited.

Our solution therefore supports the production of promotional price lists and POS discounts definition (discounts calculated on POS). Here following discounts are involved 2+1 for free, gifts connected with exact commodity, discount connected with total purchase size or purchase of given number of particular item, happy hours etc. Such PODS promotions are then evaluated for identification of economic result of the promotion.

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