Traders seek a pleasant shopping to customers. Minimize of the customer wasting a time in queue for a purchase pay is part of the traders’ effort, for example in form of self-checkout. An idea of unmanned customer dispatch is forwarded by so called self-scanning process concurring self-checkout principle.

Self-scanning fundaments are scanning of items by the customer directly on sales area during the shopping. Thanks to that, goods manipulation is minimized; the customer can put goods directly into his shopping bag just after scanning. The customer keeps his goods under review all his shopping time – scanned items, promotion discounts of commodities and the total bill too. Customers also can prepare a shopping list by help of an application from the comfort of their homes and view it on terminal during their shopping or they also can screen a status of their customer point account.

The purchase completion runs on dedicated cash desks, the payment proceeds similarly as self-checkout. All payment types commonly offered by the trader are kept indeed. Data of such purchases are transmitted automatically to a POS.

Using of such shopping system requires an identification of the customer (for example by introduced fidelity system or by one-time registration). Among others, it allows the trader to monitor the single consumer behavior together with its trend. Based on consumer’s behavior, the trader can communicate with the customer by means of a terminal by form of personified marketing (e.g. special discount vouchers etc.)

Self-scanning contributions

Self-scanning can be regarded as a strong and useful tool in hands of retail chain. The application thanks to information of single purchases allows analyze consumer behaviors and at the same time the application provides an active communication with the customer by means of the terminal along the shopping.

The system is able to advise a good bought usually together with the one inserting currently to the cart. The system so provides information on assortment connected by its character with currently buying item and so the customer could need it.

The system knows registered users’ purchases history and so it can offer items bought regularly. Further possibility is trader’s advice to currently running promotions or new products.

Such characteristics makes self-scanning ingenious aid what can be easily fancy by the customer. An investment connected by self-scanning implementation returns in form of a number increase of loyal and satisfied customers. It results by experience from abroad that a customer goes shopping more often, number of issued fidelity cards also raises and sales increase with 7 to 14%

Self-scanning principle so is not only an elimination of time spent in a shop, it is focused more on the time effective utilization and comfort.

System control members

Possible abuse of self-scanning is very often discussed topic. Principal prevention against the system abuse is knowledge of possible control. The customer is acquainted with the fact of the control ever since the first registration. The customer partly steps out of anonymity by the registration act as his basic personal data are entered into the system (usually similar as obligatory data entered during the fidelity system entry procedure). Further preventive step from the retail side is (mainly with pilot project) accurate selection of potential system users. Fidelity system data analysis is one of eventual guides for suitable customers’ selection.

A cart equipped with a scale is part of some solutions. In case that the system notes the weight increase without simultaneous scanning of item putting into the cart, the terminal note us by voicemail to scan it. Other solutions enable parameters configuration that are able to online analyze of the customer’s purchase features and they are able to ingeniously assess possible fraud. The customer is in this case called out to a par or entire control before the payment and the purchase finish.

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