Self-checkout represents further way of a customer dispatch extending classical model of point-of sale system. Such way of dispatch without necessity of cashier presence brings to the customer a time savings.

We can dispatch our purchase ourselves instead of waiting in a queue. How? Whole process doesn’t differ from standard dispatch by attendance staff, the cashier role is only acted by a customer himself. We scan bar codes of goods ourselves and the POS system informs us of final amount of payment. The amount can be checked currently on screen. A payment can be made as cashless transfer or in cash. Use of self-checkout POS is easy and quick.

POS control is intuitive and easy so that it can conform to all types of customers coming shopping. Navigation is provided by touch screen, the customer is guided by texts, animations, goods’ pictures and by accompanying audio instructions. Self-checkout POS can sale in general whole scope of assortment as well as standard POS. The payment is possible in cash, by credit card or by gift voucher. It is possible to apply all types of discount vouchers and return load tickets.

In some case, the intervention of a cash assistant is necessary. The assistant is person specially trained for self-checkout. His job is monitoring and check of a customer age during purchase of goods subject to minimum age limit provided by law. The assistant is at the disposal of the customer for need of help any time.

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