Mobile customer’s applications

Mobile customer’s applications afford a comfort to clients in various situations of their business relationship with retailer, they stabilize clients’ link to their trader and not least they support the purchase repeat. The offer of additional benefits with use of mobile phone is logic continuance of competitive fight among traders thanks to broadening of smart phones that are used by overwhelming majority of target population.

Mobile application is often accommodated to specifics according the trader’s orientation. Mobile applications of each retailer are different even if important initial ideas are coincident.

Mobile application should be only a mobile version of e-shop but it is supposed to offer to its user more services, mainly these ones what can be used outside when the user is not by his computer or notebook. Recent technologies allow not only online work but they also are able to work without internet connection used data downloaded earlier.

The application provides to a final customer a long-term contact with retail chain with unique positive experience to shop whenever and wherever he wants. So it is going to be a powerful tool to personalized direct marketing within its connection to a fidelity system. The connection with e-shop supports robust and integrated multichannel access and it affords to a customer an added value and confidence in a traders’ entertainment.

Common mobile application for customers covers following spheres:

  • Cart & ordering;
  • Shopping list creation;
  • Catalogue of goods;
  • Information about actual promotions;
  • Search of retails and opening times;
  • Legislative or other information about products.

Our clients use most often following specific functions:

  • Recipes (groceries);
  • Notice board for extra-special marketing activities of the chain;
  • Navigation over the retail unit.

Shopping list enables customer to record his regular or occasional shopping items. Bar codes of regular products can be uploaded here or only notes can be recorded. Customers then can mark or cancel items marked in cart on sales area. Customers can simplify their shopping path between shelves thanks to a shopping area navigation link. A cart allows the orders administration similarly as the standard internet e-shop.

A catalogue enables customer to search products that interests him. If he finds them, he can add it to the shopping list or insert to the cart. Then additional information about a product is displayed.Promotions present a significant principle of the communication with customers. Promotions can be available by default for all customers or personalized only for fidelity customers. Promotions provide a possibility to link to connected products out of the promotion itself. Browser of retails makes possible to find the closest retail on the map. Information about products shows to a user more detailed info. Part called Information affords a space for information about other provided services.

Recipes as a specific function for groceries’ traders brings to customers added value and so it creates a closer relationship with the retail chain. The link to the shopping list or cart broadens practical utilization of such tool. Customers can find here a selection of many various dishes (soups, desserts etc.) of many various cuisines. The user can see the name of the meal, time necessary to its preparation, energy value and total prices of all raw materials.
Notice board
is powerful marketing tool supporting extra-special activities of the retail chain.
over retail unit is found on the chain possibilities and it helps customer to orientate over the given retail shop. The comfort level and path simplification depends on the retail size and data availability about the sales area layout. Within the context of goods’ bar codes scanning it creates an area for an offer of further products and it supports the emotional and immediate shopping decision making of the customer.

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