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E-commerce represents next sphere enlarging a trader’s communication possibilities with a customer – whether it’s final customer (B2C access) or another trader (B2B access). It is necessary to choose the correct access policy for both types of customers – B2B customers need mainly transparent system enabling them to buy required goods quickly and without delay; B2C access to final customers is characterized by an efforts to offer other contextual goods. Besides a support of independent B2B or B2C solution, a force of our solution Menea’s consists among others in the parallel run of both approaches along with different attitudes towards both types of customers. Final customers are not allowed to work in B2B part and vice versa.

B2C part of the Menea solution can be used not only as classical e-shop that is intended for goods purchase by final customer, but also as booking system eventually as catalogue of goods. The system has similar functions as common e-shop within both regimes, but without possibility of ordering. An output of the booking system is only blocking of goods and the purchase itself takes place in a physical store. A catalogue of goods is designated only for browsing goods and articles detail display (prices, availability etc.).

Display appearance and functions are always specified by trader requirements. A responsive design of the e-shop is obvious and it can give an access not only from desk-top computers but it also can optimize arrangement of page during the access via mobile facilities.

The Menea solution represents mix of a content management system and a dynamic e-shop. It allows the trader to self-perform minor adjustments within the system – from administration of articles, users and customers up to articles division into groups of assortments.

The system has used by the MAKRO Cash and Carry CZ company and METRO Cash and Carry SK for four years, by UTC company since 2012 and recently Hornbach Company and UNI HOBBY from this year (2015) too.

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