Modernization of the Voice Picking system in DLC Napajedla

We are working on modernization of the warehousing voice goods picking system for the DLC Napajedla company.

It is a system enabling the worker picking the goods (the picker) to communicate only through voice instructions (voice synthesizer output is of high-quality and can be compared to regular speech). I.e. the system gives the picker exact instructions how to pick the goods via headphones. In the opposite direction, the picker is confirming the executed operations through a microphone. The system then analyses the verbal instructions given by the picker and, after their verification, it either sends these to the parent warehouse system (GOLD Stock), or asks the picker for a correction. Advantage of the voice solution is the fact that the picker communicates via headset only (headphones and microphone). Therefore, this arrangement increases the worker’s productivity as well as safety of work. At the same time, error rate drops much lower.

Main advantages over the existing solution

  • the system utilizes state-of-the-art Zebra terminals with Android operating system and a large touch display
  • multi-language support
  • real voice recognition
  • the system can be extended with new options and processes specific to the customer’s requirements and needs
  • it is possible to evaluate the operators’ productivity at will; the system records the time when the given operation was executed for each step
  • 1D/2D finger scanners can be used when working with e.g. weighted goods
  • possibility to work with RFID/NFC tags

Výsledek obrázku pro dlc napajedla

25. 1. 2018

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