We are ready for GDPR!

In recent months, we have been intensively engaged in preparing for the General Regulation of Privacy Policy to ensure compliance and, above all, to protect your sensitive data and personal data we are handling.

We have always emphasized data security, so this regulation did not surprise us; however, some minor changes were necessary. We therefore thoroughly analysed our processes and applications; we searched for the right legal interpretations; we consulted this issue with leading experts; we found out what was necessary and what was good to do. Our internal processes are now reflecting the requirements of this regulation; we customized our applications to make it easier for users to perform their duties.

We also dealt with training; we provided you with useful information, prepared training sessions and seminars for you. Of course, we were also training ourselves; we have been watching trends and the changing interpretations for long months; we have been communicating with the Supervisory Authority, sharing our knowledge with you.

We went through challenging months, but the effort has not been over yet: we are also looking for the most effective ways to comply with GDPR and secure data handling. We do it in order to be able to say with calm conscience that your data will be safe with us. So that you can contact us at any time and we could help you.

If you have any questions about GDPR, do not hesitate to contact our consultant, Mr. Simon Wach, at swach@u-sluno.cz

25. 5. 2018

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