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The way to increase warehouse productivity? Albert implemented new voice directed management solution by U&Sluno

Albert Czech Republic is upgrading its warehouses and in order to increase the efficiency of their operation, chose the GOLD Warehouse Voice Operations solution – a next-generation voice-directed picking technology offering an increase in warehouse operation productivity, as well as important competitive advantage in the fast-evolving market. 

The new voice technology solution which Albert opted for in place of the current scanning devices faced three demanding criteria it had to meet: to deliver productivity increase of at least 12%. Be available in five different languages. And to support inventory management and simultaneous multi-order preparation. By joining the GOLD Warehouse Voice Operations system from our partner, Symphony Retail AI, and the state-of-the-art Zebra TC51 terminals on which it is running, we were able to meet these conditions to the customer’s satisfaction: “The test conducted last year convinced us that this solution will provide us with the right parameters to achieve our goals”, says Pavel Břicháč, Chief Information Officer, Albert Czech Republic.

Immediate practical impact

Voice, the voice-directed warehouse management technology has undergone major developments in the recent years. Android-based operating system has brought a much better data assessment and also almost 100% voice recognition success rate, regardless of the background noise, along with it. The pickers thus have no need to physically handle the terminal from the moment it has been switched on and their hands are free to manipulate the goods. All system instructions are automatically converted into human voice going directly to the headphones and vice versa – the operator’s directions are converted back to the machine through the microphone. This makes the whole picking process a lot smoother, because it enables real-time communication between the operators and the warehouse system.

Moreover, the system has a significant advantage of its intuitive environment enabling the training of its new users to last not weeks or days, but basically only few hours. Increase in productivity is therefore usually showing immediately after the first shift. Also, because the initial stages exceeded expectations when it comes to the success rate, after mere fourteen days, we could say – supported by the measurements, that the GOLD Warehouse Voice Operations voice-directed system enables up to 18% productivity increase. 

The solution is live in all 3 Albert warehouses today, used by as many as 380 operators. “We owe the success of the project primarily to the excellent collaboration and communication between the customer and our colleagues from Symphony Retail AI, who configured the initial settings and also consulted our acceptance study,” says Tibor Szekeres, Application Consultant from U&Sluno.

The voice-directed warehouse technology offers the retailers and logistic companies considerably more efficient approach to distribution centre management, increase in administrative operation productivity, and thereby consequential increase in the customer satisfaction.

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5. 6. 2019

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