Increasing Productivity by up to 30% with Voice Directed Warehouse

For large retailers, the cost of logistics and warehouse management is the key point where they can gain a competitive edge. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this is application of voice picking technology – a robust tool for retail, wholesale, logistics, and distribution companies, which can significantly increase their productivity and overall quality of work.

The entire voice warehouse management system is based on a simple principle where every worker is equipped with a headset and a portable terminal size of smartphone, using it for a real-time interaction with the warehouse system. The picking process is thus much smoother. Increase of productivity, even by few percent, can result in savings of up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of Czech Crowns per year, especially for large retailers.

Operating system of our U&Sluno application is based on the Android platform, thus offering our customers options of easy modification and simple future development. Almost 100% success in voice recognition regardless of the surrounding noise is one of its great advantages. From the moment they turn it on, there is no need for the workers to physically operate the terminal, therefore both their hands are free to work with the goods. This has a major effect on the quality and especially the speed of picking. The system automatically converts all instructions into human voice directly into the headphones and vice versa, the message goes from the warehouse operator back to the device via the microphone. Since warehouse operators do not have to operate the terminal, they work considerably faster, which keeps more space for the performance of other urgent activities.

Immediate Improvement after the First Shift

One of the significant benefits of the tool is its simple administration and intuitive environment, which means that the training of new users does not take weeks or days but basically only few hours. Thus, the increase in productivity can be usually seen already after the first shift. This is an important advantage, especially for large warehouses where staff turnover occurs more frequently.

Benefits of Voice Picking:

  • Reduction of errors in order preparation;
  • Increase in the overall preparation productivity;
  • Real-time inventory check and overview;
  • New users trained in few hours;
  • Operating system based on Android;
  • Fast implementation taking weeks or months;
  • Use of the state-of-the-art, certified voice terminals;
  • Possibility to operate locally (on premise) or in cloud;
  • Currently 6 integrated languages in the Czech Republic;
  • Almost 100% success in voice recognition even in noisy surroundings;
  • Smooth integration with the existing WMS and other types of systems;
  • Elimination of administrative paperwork;
  • Simple modification as per the customer’s needs.

Today, more than 2,500 employees at our customers’ are using the system and, as shown repeatedly in testing, the overall labour productivity has increased by 8-30% on an average, depending on the type of goods. Simultaneously, the terminals themselves bring another benefit, which is the scope of their application, as they fit other warehouse processes. This way, you can get a complete picking, distribution and inventory solution in one package.

U&Sluno's voice picking technology provides the retailers and logistics companies with a significant move forward and a considerably more efficient approach to distribution centre management. It provides greater comfort, productivity, and safety of work for all team members involved – and therefore also leads to greater customer satisfaction.

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15. 3. 2021

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