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Solution for print reports generation is intended for applications outputs of documents to a printer. A BI Publisher tool is used for print outputs provision, it is a platform for creation of administration of interactive or static documents. It is an efficient tool that is able to generate a great amount of outputs with a small impact to the system. Reports are created by the tool in the simple editor. Such activity can be made by trained administrators on side of the customer, supplier attendance is not usually necessary. The system makes versioning of created reports what enables to turn back to former version in future (for example Christmas and common version of an invoice). The tool also has a simply possibility of reports distribution, for example by e-mail to dedicated workers.

In BI Publisher, there is data consolidation possible from various sources – e.g. from central system, managed warehouse, claim portal and etc. The result is printed or interactive report. The PI Publisher often serves as printed outputs generator, so it is intended for automatic print of documents like invoices, delivery notes or claim protocols. Resulted printed outputs looks professional thanks to format possibility of texts, tables, pictures and numbers.

The same tool by Oracle Company, simply analyses and reports can be displayed. The report is displayed to users intended for via web interface or via smart phone display. Data are available anywhere and anytime together with safety rules keeping. The BI Publisher also offers a possibility of data extraction from own data storage. Such characteristic allows to implement the solution also as simply management information system. The BI Publisher so represents an optimal solution for companies, which don’t want or don’t need to invest in full BI tool.

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