Specialized MIS for retail

Management information system

Each company uses currently more various information systems and applications. It is difficult to get complex data giving us global information about the organization status. By this reason, it is suitable to implement the system that is able to collect and process all available data from various sources independently from used inputs. Executives thus obtain an effective tool for the company management. The system is just management information system (MIS).

Management information system is generated for collection, processing, structured visualization and data analysis according to needs of company executives. It can furnish a summary review on process performances and statuses in all fields of the company function, no matter what processes are concerned – supply, production, distribution, sales, human resources, and cash flows. The system outputs are focused on decision making support.

Benefits from MIS use

  • Time savings;
  • Enables quick decision making;
  • Provides correct and objective information;
  • Adapts itself to the customer’s requirements;
  • Supports active work with information;
  • Gives outputs for all levels of management;
  • Represents competitive advantage;
  • Assists in strategy decisions.

Typical use

MIS is an interactive environment visualizing data. Users have a possibility to create its own analyses according to their actual need. Workers can be warned to some specific situation with help of so called alert. Regular messages are generated directly in MIS or messages are sent in form of e-mail or SMS if a defined condition arises.

The application for an access to MIS information via smart phone or tablet is a recent standard. It provides the immediate access to actual information. Users thus have a possibility to connect via internet to MIS any time and anywhere. Outputs’ form is automatically optimized for an interaction on mobile facilities and it is adjusted for finger touch control.

Key functionalities of MIS for the business sphere

  • Business outputs – analyses of data history and status in light of earnings, assortment sale-ability, promotions customers and a number of others in various structure, detail and level of business hierarchy;
  • Stock – statuses, moves in required structure and detail, dead-stock, time development etc.;
  • Incomes – monitoring according to given parameters, confrontation of development etc.;
  • Central purchase – analyses of supplies and suppliers, buying terms etc;
  • Distribution centers – reviews, analyses, confrontation of customers.

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