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Correct data are prerequisites for success in a business world and for retail companies it is double true. Exact and current information is the key to an effective pricing, design of high-impact promotions or to assortment optimizing. Companies are able to hold their customers thanks to correct information and they can even more increase their attained turnover with help of a fidelity system.

Basic raw data are available to every tradesman. Such data are usually collected in plenty of used information systems and applications. However, it isn’t a pie to get exact and correct outputs from them. It often requires a lot of effort, time and money on side of retailer. So the retailer concerns in difficult information extraction instead of attending to his business. Nevertheless it can be much easier and better.

Analytic tools by U&SLUNO Company can supply correct data for significantly lower costs thanks to proved methodology of analyzing. So you can flexibly obtain needed data on your business in transparent form and completed with recommendations for reaching of defined key points and indicators (KPI).

You can manage all important types of business analyses (as follows) with analytic services by U&SLUNO:

  • Analysis of customer’s shopping behavior (including analysis of customer’s cart together with background data for promotions’ effective planning based not only on products elasticity and retails segmentation based on selected criteria);
  • Analysis of fidelity system customers (analysis of the fidelity system structure, evaluation of the fidelity system total effectiveness, discovery of connection with potential turnover boost and data for personalized communication);
  • Promotions analysis (monitoring of promotions success from economic and logistics points of view, design, operative management and promotions’ evaluation);
  • Analysis of a warehouse occupancy and effectiveness (monitoring of warehouse occupancy and unallocated picking positions, evaluation of warehouse staff efficiency);
  • Supply analysis (evaluation of warehouse stock in light of over/under-supplies, evaluation of service level of suppliers etc.);
  • Evaluation of e-shops (evaluation of e-shop utilization, valuation of customers’ behaviors in e-shop…);
  • Evaluation of return bonuses of suppliers (evaluation of contracting conditions meet from side of suppliers and warning in case of discrepancies, upgrade of system or equivalent system, evaluation of suppliers’ contracts);
  • Process analysis (description of the existing and future status, SWOT analysis…);
  • Analysis with help of field work (assessment of branch network, competition analysis, mystery shopping).

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