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  • Autonomous robots can eliminate up to 70% of unproductive work performed by warehouse workers

Autonomous robots can eliminate up to 70% of unproductive work performed by warehouse workers

Transportation of materials is the backbone of any warehouse sales or production chain. However, it is also subject to downtime, inefficient use of time and frequent staff turnover. So what can be done to eliminate such problems? The application of autonomous robots that can transport goods without assistance or lengthy training is an innovative solution.

Recent rapid developments have made autonomous robots more affordable for transporting materials and goods, allowing warehouses, distribution centres and factories to deploy them at a reasonable cost. Currently, the market offers a wide range of options, from smaller robots suitable for transporting loads of up to 100 kg, to large ones for autonomous pallet transport with a maximum weight of one to 1.5 tonnes. Some robots can also independently pick up crates from roller tracks, move them and automatically hand them over.

Particularly on longer distances, robots can effectively replace the work of warehouse workers, who can spend their time on more important, value-added tasks. The added advantage is that robots can work almost around the clock without breaks, training, holidays or sick leave. Using sensors, they can map their surrounding area and always choose the most suitable route, so they no longer need to use navigation lines. Also, the current software allows them to perceive their surroundings using sensors that measure the distance to obstacles and can also detect them visually. The robot can detect moving obstacles, assess their direction and determine if there is enough space left to possibly go around them.

Thus, autonomous robots enable the time to be used much more efficiently, increase the warehouse’s operational safety, and reduce the operating costs of forklifts, which no longer have to be driven to the pallet picking area and only move in their own aisles.

The main advantages of autonomous robots:

  • High-speed charging,

  • Consumption of only 20% of electricity compared to a forklift,

  • Wide range of movements for efficient pallet picking and moving,

  • Intelligent obstacle detection for safe navigation in the company of people,

  • They can work without being connected to a WMS because individual tasks can be entered by the user,

  • Precise statistics on movement and productivity for further process improvement.

Implementing autonomous robots into operation is easy and fast; it usually takes just a few weeks, including operator training and workflow setup. The process of mapping the space takes about 1-2 days. Some robots can even be rented for trial runs. If you want to use robots in your operation, we will gladly come to you and help you identify the most suitable processes where their impact on work efficiency is the highest.

12. 5. 2021

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